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Rice Rubber Rolls

rice rubber rolls
Balaji Udyog is are one of the most reputed and renowned manufacturers, suppliers and exports of Rice Rubber Rolls. Our rolls are made of premium quality rubber which facilitates them to perform in the most demanding and intense conditions. Rice Rubber Rolls are integral part of the milling and deshusking machines. The Best mill owners don't compromise with the quality of Rice Rubber Rolls. We have made and retained customers for long term all over India and even abroad. We are proudly Nation's top rice rubber roll producers with great reputation and track record..

Manufacturing Process - Our Rolls are made from the finest imported synthetic rubber and other ingredients. We have specially trained professional who operate at workshop to produce best abrasion resist rubber rolls. Each roll is fully tested under our quality control and evaluation tests. The rolls go through multiple stages and process before they are delivered to you. At Balaji we strongly believe in giving you best products at most economical process.

Peripheral Speeds of Rolls:-

The Rolls revolve at different Revolutions per minutes ( RPMS) and they work in opposite directions. In most cases the speed of the dynamic roll is 25-30% slower than fixed roll. Salient Features of Rice Rubber Rolls:-

Highly Durable :The imported raw material used for the manufacture of rolls make them highly durable. They offer you best resistance and friction qualities .

Heat Resistance :Heat Resistance - The structure and manufacture of rolls is done keeping in mind the heat factor during the operation. It is technically tested to go through high degrees of heat without loosing its performance.

High Percentage Shelling efficiency :More tha 95% of brown rice can be extracted through with only one pass, thus saving you time and money. Also the percentage of broken rice is very low.

Quality of Rice :The quality of output rice is nearly flawless due to the use of special chemical compounds during manufacturing. .


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